|Team Member Kirby|

|Team Member Red Crew Mate|

|Team Member Goose|

|Team Member Stonks|

Kirby pulled his weight and more during this last month, He was able to beat LV 9 CPU's in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He even was able to beat a PK fire spamming Ness main. He completed his skin run and gun-game.

Red Crewmate was very helpful in unmasking the imposter. His chance of correctly spotting an imposter is a high 89% chance. He was also very good when it came to repairing reactor meltdowns and power outages.

Goose was a very good customer support representative. Solving almost 69 issues this past month. He solved these issues without losing customers and overall was exteremly helpful with day to day opperation throught the office.

Stonks is our expenses manager, money handler and financial advisor for our company. He figured out a way to half our expenses without losing any customers or resources witin these trying times