You might be eating poisoned lunch meat!

Rececnt studies done on school lunchmeat originating from Cowie's farm industry has contained E.coli!

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yeetus's at YeetUniversary have said:
After weeks of close study that began as people were repoting stomach issues from the school. We ran a data gathering expirement, and we asked those with stomach issues if they had brought their lunch or not. 94% of people got food from school 4% brought food from home and 2% didn't eat at school. We tested 200 volunteers. Then we asked the 188 who had gotten school food what thay had. 54% said that they got beef cheesburgers 43% said they got beef hamburgers. The other 3% said they got a cheese pizza. We then asked for a beef sample and tested it for many diseases and all came back negetive except for E.coli.

They then told the school the results and the school agreed to throw away all food as other food couls be contaminated. Then they told the students with stomach issues to go to a hospital. Luckily there were no fatal cases.
Cowie's farm industry closed down after being sued and lost over 13 Million dollars and is currently in 2 Million dollar debt.

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